Safety at Altitude.

By Tony Yerman

Recently, I did an article involving a technician being crushed by an RV after it slid off the jack stands it was sitting on. I really hate telling stories about safety after an accident. So now, I have information on a new system that can prevent accidents before they happen.

Easy Access Industrial Design of Canada, has designed a Roof Deck System which is a walkway, scaffold with handrail safety fall guards. The unit sets up alongside a vehicle and has rails along the outer walkway. The walkway is an aluminum, anti-slip, perforated platform. The platforms are 8 foot lengths and can be connected to cover the entire side of the RV. They can be set up to be drive thru. Hand and fall rails can be set up to link the walkways across a roof and connect to both sides of the vehicle. They can be used indoor and outdoor. 


These systems are OSHA | CSA | ANSI SAFETY COMPLIANT and can be set up in different configurations to accommodate almost any height and length of vehicle. Falls are a big deal in an RV shop. OSHA has entire regulation sections on ladder, ( and fall protection, ( If you aren’t aware of these regulations, you should be. If found to be noncompliant, a dealer faces fines. In the event of an accident without the proper protection equipment, there can be even more liability on the dealer’s part.

For more information on the Roof Deck System contact: Dan Visser @877-730-7204 or,